Wednesday, November 8, 2006


Group Discussion Tips

1. Always be the initiator and concluder of the GD then being a participant.

2. But if you are particaipant always try to be the most vianl/key participant.

3. put points firmly and always try to get others support too.

4. if you find that the discussion os going offttrack then never loose an oppurtunity to bring it back to straem this is the best point to score max.


5. try to keep latest information on the topic.

6. be very polite , people may try to provoke you to to get more points but try to keep cool.

7. most important don't wait for your turn to speak when discussion is on. inturrupt politely if you want to put forward your points.

8. last but not the least keep atab on the time given for discussion. score points by wrapping up the discussion if you feel that the discussion is heating but the time is going to be over.

9. during conclusion, do end with the conclusion note. that shows your leadership quality.

Best scoring points are:

1. initiation of discussion,

2.always keeping/trying tokeep discussion on track

3. conclusion on time

4. your capability to keep your cool and listen as well as putting your points.

Group Discussion Do's and Don'ts

Be as natural as possible. Do not try and be someone you are not. Be yourself.

A group discussion is your chance to be more vocal. The evaluator wants to hear you speak.

Take time to organize your thoughts. Think of what you are going to say.

Seek clarification if you have any doubts regarding the subject.

Don't start speaking until you have clearly understood and analyzed the subject.
Work out various strategies to help you make an entry: initiate the discussion or agree with someone else's point and then move onto express your views.

Opening the discussion is not the only way of gaining attention and recognition. If you do not give valuable insights during the discussion, all your efforts of initiating the discussion will be in vain.

Your body language says a lot about you - your gestures and mannerisms are more likely to reflect your attitude than what you say.

Language skills are important only to the effect as to how you get your points across clearly and fluently.

Be assertive not dominating; try to maintain a balanced tone in your discussion and analysis.

Don't lose your cool if anyone says anything you object to. The key is to stay objective: Don't take the discussion personally.

Always be polite: Try to avoid using extreme phrases like: 'I strongly object' or 'I disagree'. Instead try phrases like: 'I would like to share my views on...' or 'One difference between your point and mine...' or "I beg to differ with you" Ch etanaS

Brush up on your leadership skills; motivate the other members of the team to speak (this surely does not mean that the only thing that you do in the GD is to say "let us hear what the young lady with the blue scarf has to say," or "Raghu, let us hear your views" - Essentially be subtle), and listen to their views. Be receptive to others' opinions and do not be abrasive or aggressive.

If you have a group of like-minded friends, you can have a mock group discussion where you can learn from each other through giving and receiving feedback.

Apart from the above points, the panel will also judge team members for their alertness and presence of mind, problem-solving abilities, ability to work as a team without alienating certain members, and creativity

I gave more tips in the presentation which was listed in the Placements Resources page.


all the best



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